MARK BUCK was born in Toronto. Art has always been part of Mark’s life. While in high school,in 1970, he won second prize for Canada in the UNESCO International Creative Arts Contest called: “Education Changes Things” with his metal-chrome sculpture “Mushroom of Knowledge.”.( See Sculpture for details.)

In the summer of 1973 curiosity and appreciation of Renaissance Art culminated in the studying of Trecento Art in Tuscany (Early Renaissance Art in the Italian province of Tuscany) in Siena, Italy. Mark’s art history education continued in the1990s with two courses from York University: Canadian & American Art History from1700-1945 and European Art History During The Nineteenth & Twentieth Centuries.

First Impressions Gallery (1982-1991) was owned and curated by Mark Buck. After two years operating as a private dealer he opened First Impressions Gallery across from the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 1987, the Gallery moved to its north Yonge Street location. First Impressions Gallery specialized in international works on paper (original graphics, watercolour paintings and mixed media artwork) by contemporary artists from: Canada,China, England, France,Italy, Spain, the United States of America and Venezuela.

Artalog (1993-1995) was developed by Mark Buck as Canada’s first CD-ROM Virtual Reality Art Gallery. Artalog allowed either the seller or purchaser to search for artwork using the selections: Colour, Medium, Price, Size and Subject Matter. "Mark's Artalog" after 2018 refers to my "Artwork Catalogue".

Artalog received media recognition in Toronto Life, the Financial Post Magazine, featured on CITY TV, and Global TV. Mark stated: “As we stand on the threshold of a new millennium the tapestry of our culture is tied to the fabric of our past experiences. Art has always played an important role in visually documenting man’s culture and society.”

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Mark’s multi-faceted talents are reflected in his own artwork which he creates. His silkscreen mono prints, acrylic paintings on canvas or paper, mixed media creations often have a Jackson Pollock effect which represents the metamorphosis of form, texture, shape or colour. Mark remarks: “The struggle of each colour, form, texture and shape, like man against the elements and nature, are in a never-ending struggle for their freedom and identity.”

Mark’s artistic style is very influenced by the Bauhaus Shape Principles. It is a main reason why he consistently uses certain shapes and colours. At the Bauhaus school Wassily Kandinsky taught that design shapes could be defined as:" The Square, The Circle  and The Triangle". Kandinsky's colleague who taught colour theory was Johannes Itten.   Johannes Itten began explaining how colour affects our daily lives. Afterwards, Josef Albers expanded on the teaching of colour theory.  Josef Alber's colour theory is now available as an app  ("The Interaction of Color"). I studied these colour theories when I was studying graphic design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 1976-1977.  

Since 1999, Mark has been a volunteer at the Royal Ontario Museum; first in the ROM Reproduction Shop; and presently,as a Gallery Interpreter talking on: the Ming tomb collection,lacquer-ear bay cup and the Japanese netsuke, inro and ojime. (Please email me if you are visiting the ROM and would like to arrange for a free talk on these items.)

From 2001 to the present Mark has been an occasional or substitute high school teacher in the Greater Toronto Area with both the Toronto and York Region School Boards. Over the years he has taught full time Visual Art and Photography (film and digital) to Grade 9-12 students. 

In 2009 he created his first “Combo Painting”- combining two famous artist’s paintings into one acrylic painting. Since December 2015, Mark has been creating artwork in the shared artist studio at the Akin Collective Dupont location.

Mark’s acrylic painting was recently featured on Global TV News (August 30 2018) for Akin Collective’s Tenth Anniversary.The painting I am working on was inspired by my tie design.

Mark’s artworks are presently displayed in the private collections in Canada, Israel, Germany, and the United States of America.

Studio visits are by appointment. Commissions are welcome within the GTA and Ontario only. 
Email: me@markbuck.art


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